Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Our caring professional staff and friendly administrative support group stand ready to serve your orthopedic rehabilitation needs.

Physician Referred - Therapist Planned

Our therapists work with the patient's surgeon or physician in a supervised personal treatment program for musculoskeletal dysfunction and post-operative treatment. Our team of therapists will guide you through modern physical therapy equipment and advanced treatment protocols to improve your rehabilitation. 


Treatments Available Orthopedic Conditions
Manual Therapy Osteoarthritis 
Therapeutic Activity Degenerative Disc Disease
Gait Training Spinal Stenosis
Ultrasound / Phonophoresis Post-Cancer Rehabilitation
Therapeutic Massage Total Knee Arthorplasty
Fluidotherapy Rotator Cuff Repair
Electrical Stimulation Cervical Spine Surgery
Iontophoresis Spinal Surgery 
Hot / Cold Pack and many more