Our Services

Our team offers caring, personalized, cost-effective rehabilitation.


How It Works

Your physician or surgeon will refer you to outpatient physical therapy.

You have a choice in where you attend PT. You have the right to request Wilhoite Physical Therapy.

Initial Evaluation:

At your first visit, a licensed physical therapist will talk with you and record a detailed history of your physical ailments. You will receive a treatment, typically e-stim or a hot/cold pack. Your therapist will create an exercise program unique to suit you personally and give you a home exercise plan to take with you.

Before you leave, you will schedule additional visits.


Specialized Services:

Myofascial Release and Manipulation

Aquatic Therapy - Oxford Clinic

Certified Myofascial Cupping - Anniston Clinic

FCE and Impairment Ratings

After Care Programs